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Tidying the tarmac...

Paul Robertson



So today was trying to make the best of my clay road surfacing which hadn't come out as I wanted. Firstly I came out with the sandpaper to smooth the surface down as best as possible. 



There had also been some shrinkage down the sides of the road overnight as the clay completed dried out. 



(clay coming away from the kerb) 


In order to fill these gaps out came the balsa filler which did a good job of filling this ready for painting. 


My first attempt at painting was a watery Indian ink solution. It didn't really do the job looking more like concrete than tarmac. So out with the acrylics and a well watered down grey solution was used again. 



(the finished surface colour and starting to get some whitelining on)IMG_20201022_215821.jpg.0ac880380c204a82fcb522413c4a5c00.jpg

(refixed some spare gully grates after previous ones got trashed during laying of the clay) 


Where the Indian ink did work nicely was a gentle weathering of a couple of structures. I tried it on the Linkspan steel girders and on the railway station. 



(some nice staining along the sides) 



(first staining on the side of the station) 


Next will be the white lining and movement joints after the paint has all had a good chance to dry


Thanks for reading

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