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16mm photo-plank - Completed blower and had buckets of fun

Fen End Pit


I printed out the parts for my forge blower. There was some spare space on the build platform so I printed a few extra tools at the same time. I deliberately put the parts on twice and in a couple of different orientations to see which came out best. Splitting the blower into two halves allowed the bottom sides to be sanded and form the join. IMG_8359a.jpg.348150ff52151acaf48585f120719528.jpg


You can just make out the Alcoso No4 text on the parts and, while you can't read the text, the builder's plate has some relief on it which makes it look rather nice. The layers show up in the picture but hide as soon as some paint is applied. I used some brass rod to make the axle for the belt drive wheel, it rotates but I don't image it will be accurate to actually drive round..



I also drew up and printed out some pipe work to connect the blower to the bottom of the forge. It looks a bit two heavy duty and I didn't think more modern 'tumble drier venting duct' would look right. On the same print job I also printed up a number of buckets and pales. These were really simple to draw up and modify to give different handle versions. I could also easily scale in the slicer to give different sizes.




So my little workshop/forge scene is coming on.




Next I'll be moving on to a range of machine tools.



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5 hours ago, Alex Duckworth said:

Great work there David, this is going to make a really good diorama. Is it for the WD Simplex?




Hi Alex

The plan is to build the interior of a shed with a door to a fiddle-cassette. That way I can run whatever 16mm locos or wagons I fancy into the scene.


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