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I see the sea...

Paul Robertson



A family game that was played on the holiday car journey was who could spot the sea first from a glimpse down a valley. Whether heading to the ferry or just a coastal trip the first sight of the azure greeny blue sea on the horizon would illicit a chorus of "I see the sea, I see the sea." from the back seat of the car! And so it was my turn to try and create the alluring sea which I used to sea on my family holiday. 


I had watched a video by Kathy Millett on an easy way to create water with PVA which seemed easier and cheaper than alot of resin based systems. 


To start with I needed to paint on the base colour for the sea. I started with a 50 50 mix of green and blue and then added a bit of brown to give a bit of water shadow where walls and piles meet the sea. Having let it dry for a while it looked a bit too blue compared to prototype images so I went over it again this time with a 70 30 green blue mix. This looked a lot better 



(green blue water colour) 


Once this had dried the first thick layer of PVA went on. 



(PVA liberally spread over the sea colour) 


Its taking a lot of time to dry so I carried on with more brick papering on the viaduct and tunnel mouth. 



(main brick papering is done. Just need to do the edge details) 



(tunnel mouth brick papered as well) 


At the end of the evening I put all the structures back to see how it was all looking. 





(altogether and coming on) 


Once the PVA has set then another two coats will go on before I get to play with some tacky glue to make waves. That will likely be in a few days


Thanks for reading

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10 hours ago, westernviscount said:

This really looks like a really interesting subject for a layout. The scale of the ferry is quite unique. 

Thanks. Always wanted to build an n gauge layout and thought I better get going before my eyesight couldn't cope with the details! Always fascinated by big engineering and my favourite part of my holiday as a child was going on the ferry or seeing them arrive and depart from Folkstone Harbour. 

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Loving the train ferry! A modeller after my own heart! Always wanted to model one ever since seeing the N gauge Wardleworth Lines Committee layout and train ferry in the Railway Modeller back in 1974!


Steve S

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