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Mixing the civil engineering...

Paul Robertson



So today was a lot of bits being done round the layout to complete minor bits and bobs whilst waiting for the pva glue water to dry out. The video I watched said the layer of pva would take about 1 hr to dry. Try about 24hrs! So I had plenty of time to do other things


First job was marking out the precast concrete units for the bridge abutments. Having completed this all the lines were weathered to tone them down a bit



(all lining complete) 



(some well weathered concrete panels) 


By late afternoon the pva had dried out for another coat to be applied. This will be left for another 24hrs.



(a very milky sea that needs to dry out again) 


Having completed the pva I worked on the viaduct and tunnel mouth entrance. Lots of tiny strips of brick paper were used to add details and cover gaps between surfaces. This was a long old process and included bricking up a small retaining wall by the loco lay over siding. 



(viaduct brick paper finally finished) 



(brick retaining wall at base of embankment) 



(tunnel mouth bricked up, so to speak) 


Kerbs and movement joints for concrete bays were also drawn on with a fine line pen and then weathered. The base of the ramp was also extend a bit ready for asphalting shortly. 



(kerbs and ramps added) 


Just need to wait for the pva glue to dry and then think about how to fit some back scene boards on the layout. 


Thanks for reading






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