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Paving the way...

Paul Robertson



Did a bit of work around the station this evening. Produced some brick walls to the rear of the viaduct to represent the rear of the structure. I also used some modern platform paper to complete the finish of the platform surfacing. 



(paving paper done from scale model scenery. Like the look of the tactile paving) 



(brickwork parapets 'laid' along the backscene) 


I also have had time to do a bit of bodge wiring. Whilst my father is a retired electrical engineer the electrical genes weren't passed on! I currently have a Gaugemaster controller on order so wanted to put some wiring in place on the tracks in order to be able to do proper track testing before I start ballasting and infilling paving around the track. 



(stripping wire and covering joints with insulation tape to create a wire extension to attach the new controller to) 


Once the controller turns up I will try playing around with some lights. 


Thanks for reading

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