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Lockdown II - The Extension



So, here we are again! In what is rapidly becoming a habit I got to wondering what I might have planned for Soddingham had it been 'finished'. Extending the standard gauge layout cannot be done as there is nowhere to go. However, the idea of an O-9 (as in 7mm scale on 9mm track) 'feldbahn' supplying some exotic quarry product to the main line appeals (Youtube strikes!). In order to keep the goods shed this would mean another set of points on the Long Siding (at the front, only partly laid to date) and squeezing in some sort of tippler or something over the new siding for loading from the narrow gauge (yeah, I know, but it's my railway). As this would be elevated there's a route round the back of the studio equipment  with nice cable-tidy underneath (good excuse) to where the printer lives, where there's room for a O-9 circuit. I'd much rather build the tipplery thing all the buildings the current plan requires.  It started as idle thought, but I'm thinking I'll go with it. But not for a while, one layout at time is enough.


I've been waiting for some more pullies to arrive together with a signal kit, some BR tail lamps and manhole covers. I really must go and lock the credit card in the car before visiting the Wizard Models site...  So it's been doing the remaining signal wires (as far as I can without the pullies), ballasting, tidying up existing ballast and such. On ordering the signal I realised I'd omitted it's signal wire so that's got to go in. Luckily the route involves going under the end of the double slip I've ballasted but not glued.   I've also completed half of the Dry Goods siding

and tested it with the Desk Tidy Tippler. Progress has been halted by needing more cork, I'll ordering from the first supplier for this. While pondering what I can do next I got to thinking about the Engine Road (at the back). In Plan A this is to be, essentially, somewhere to park a 'spare' engine out of the way. I thought about converting it to an ordinary siding, but this negates the (highly implausible) ground frame - and it's a real stretch to reach so (un)coupling would be a bother. Then MMP inadvertently provided a solution - they do a six pack of 35t tank kits, so a fuel siding it will be, with some nice gates and the ground frame makes at least some sense. And little, if any uncoupling. And I get to make some exotic kit as a reach wagon.


While the little grey cells were functioning I also discovered a kit for a carflat, another wagon on my 'I like those' list. So it looks at the minute like the Dry Goods siding will have a loading ramp rather than blocks at the end. Soddingham on the Motorail network? 


Anyhow, here's some snaps - the one with all the junk in is the area the goods shed and tippler will go, the narrow gauge going off behind the computer monitor. Currently the siding os only laid as far as the grey clay bag so I don't squash anything with doing stuff at the back of the boards.








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