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There'll be bluebirds over...

Paul Robertson



And so after a few false starts today was cliff building day. The cliff is the only major landscape feature on the layout and hopefully will really set the tone and feel for the layout and give it the character of the Kent coast. 


First thing to do was to remove the polystyrene along the back scene which hadn't really worked and replace it with landscape mesh. To set the right angle I used cardboard from an old cereal packet to create some formers. 



(cardboard formers in) 



(mesh screwed into place with 10mm screws) 


Having got the mesh on then the messy (ish) job of apply woodland scenics plaster impregnated bandage began. I followed a tip off a youtube video applying the bandage onto the layout dry then using a water spray bottle to wet it insitu rather than dipping the bandage first and dripping it everywhere. Seemed to work well enough and I used my finger to smooth the bandage down and fill in the holes with the moist plaster. 



(the completed cliff) 


I placed a second coat of bandage on certain areas where the bandage holes were a bit obvious. Pretty pleased with the end result although the quality of the flock and painting will make or break all that work! 


Having completed the cliff I then covered the final 3 landscape banks to complete the landscape areas. 



(embankments infilled as well) 



(final result that now needs to dry for 24hrs)


Next will be painting this all earth and chalk colours before adding lots of flock. Will also need to clean up the tunnel entrances which have been splashed with plaster during this process


Thanks for reading

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