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The landscaping continues...

Paul Robertson



So having left the plaster to dry overnight today was a painting day. 

Firstly I painted the soil a lightish soil colour having seen some photos showing how the underlying chalk affected the upper soil colour



(pic of light brown soils on the white cliffs) 



(soils painted-its lighter than it looks) 


Having painted the soils I then painted the cliffs some very light shades of grey and white. Initially my son asked me why I was painting my cliffs to look like Stilton rind so with this constructive criticism ringing in my ears toned it all down with a bit more white. I was really pleased with the final result, picking out some of the rocks with darker shades to try and  show up some of the geology. 



(the stippled cliff face) 


Having some extra time I then started adding the scatter. A brown scatter first before then adding then some burnt green over the top. 



(brown scatter on first) 



(burnt green scatter on) 


Lots of hoovering in between scattering to clean up. Then using the clump scatter I started to create some shrubbery on cliff tops and the steep embankment. 



(some of the clump scatter on the steeper bank to suggest larger vegetation.)


Now I have all but completed the the main landscape edges I can continue with the roads around the layout. 



(a view from the ferry with the white cliffs rising in the distance) 


Thanks for reading

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