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A quick update...

Paul Robertson



Just a quick update tonight as I didn't have much time. The shrubbery has grown dramatically today with the rest of the embankment covered up. I've left a small amount of embankment clear for a small diorama depicting a landslip. 



(embankment fully vegetated) 


There are two structures that will adorn the top of the cliff. The first was an abandoned WW2 observation bunker. These were always very crude bits of architecture so thankfully quite easy to model. Digging through my box of bits I had some 3mm ply which I cut the walls and roof out of. Having glued it all together it was painted up in suitably grubby colours before being stuck above the tunnel portal and then covered with encroaching scrub. 



(the old bunker with a commanding view of the harbour) 


The second structure for the cliff will be the concrete control tower but that will have to wait for another day. 


Thanks for reading

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