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I have a Problem



A K's cast white metal kit for LNWR 'Problem' class 2-2-2 "Lady of the Lake". Retrieved from the fabled Round Tuit box and still on the vacuum-packed cards. Silly me, I've fixed the footplate before fitting the driving wheels, so this is going to be fun. One of the bearings still needs opening up with the broach, but has twice come unglued from the chassis. :scratchhead:

The tender is going together slowly: I'm fitting a Tenshodo spud bogie with about the right wheel spacing. The wheels themselves are a bit undersized, but once the bogie is in place the tender sits level. Whether it will have the oomph to move anything more than the loco and tender is something I'll find out later.

The boiler was squashed in storage - or perhaps before - but lucky me, I found a length of dowel which is a good fit inside, so it's been possible to tweak the metal back into shape. The marks left by the pliers can be removed later.

Lady of the Lake 01.JPG

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The bearing eventually stayed put and was opened out with the broach. It was surprisingly easy to fit the driving wheels even with the footplate in place :D and with some patient tweaking with the hand drill the leading and trailing axle bearings have been teased so that all the wheels sit on the track.

So far, so good; to coin a phrase. The chassis is quite free-running even before lubrication: but the spud bogie won't shift it. :( No great worries yet: the spud is very light in weight, so with the tender on top it will have more traction.

And there's always Plan B... ;)

K's Problem loco chassis.JPG

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The tender has received a light dusting of Halford's etch primer and the spud bogie has been temporarily located. I need a 4BA brass washer but wouldn't you know, that's the one size I've run out of. However, the good news is that with the tender in place, the spud can propel the loco chassis. :yahoo:

The bad news is that the loco chassis repeatedly derails on curves. Time to check whether the wheels are in gauge and whether I need to increase the amount of play in the axle boxes. Check twice, cut once... :scratchhead:

K's Problem test run.JPG

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