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Now Awaiting Paint.



So having settled on Railmatch acrylic Sleeper Grime... I've run out. More on order. There's a coupe of pics in different lighting of the test piece now it's fully dry. The difference in the light is just the camera being a few inches higher in one that the other.



As the pullies have arrived, I've made up the three sets needed for the platform signal and dummy I'd omitted. I've used Design No.3(a-198) for these - because I'd not ordered enough. Rather than making a pair represent one pulley, I've use single ones spaced a bit. The thing is stuck into sleeper off-cut so it can be superglued rather than soldered. Just two more single ones to go... probably.




And to the manholes. I put one on a spot of flat ground and it looked like an after thought, so I've made a surround to represent the top of the manhole which can be sunk in a bit. I did the circle one first as it seemed the hardest, but to be honest plasticard is so easy to cut that was a bit OTT worrying about it. Decoration will take place in a bit. In the mean time a spot of planning of Soddingham's  drainage system - nothing scientific, just to avoid placement looking entirely random.


The signal box has also been officially planted. I moved it back a bit as the rampy thing over the rodding at the front was a tad cramped. With this in place I built the ground up to suit, and the box walls to also remove the 'plonked there' look. Some grassy bits and stuff will appear when I'm feeling artistic. I could really do with getting the shed kits to complete the signal box area set up.

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Looks good. Very nice pullies too.


Another example of how cameras can present a scene in totally different ways, depending on position, settings and the nature of the camera. I have a wagon that is painted a dull orange-red shade. My point and shoot camera renders it too orange, while my mobile camera makes it look bright crimson red.


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