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Advancing the asphalt...

Paul Robertson


It's been a few days since I last posted but progress have been steady. I've been focusing on completing the das clay roadway around the Dock area. 


More rolling between balsa formers to get the right depth before smoothing off with a shaping tool. 



(rolling out the das clay to correct depth and standard width before laying on a pva layer) 


There was a lot of cutting and shaping the clay to get it around lots of tricky corners. 



(all the clay in but looking a bit rough.)


Once dried I sanded down the clay to get rid of the wrinkles and smooth out some of the bumps. 



(sanding down the clay. The small triangle on the right hasn't been done yet and the sleeper end bumps can be seen through the clay. These were sanded out). 


Once all the clay was sanded and the dusted hoovered up I then started to infill the tracks with thin strips of balsa. Straight lengths of track were relatively easy whilst points were quite tricky. Radius tracks required me to wet the balsa and gradually bend it between my fingers.


IMG_20201115_210001.jpg.98070c5aa40b30d41f07392bc7fa4356.jpg(initial infilling with balsa strips) 


Once every piece had been cut out my type 66 was driven over it to check clearances with flanges and that all the electrics still worked. 



(type 66 testing the infill) 



(limit of progress today - a few more points to be infilled) 


A final shot of the dockside:


(Nord pas de calais back in Dock) 



(the second Linkspan paving beginning to stretch down to the train deck) 


Thanks for reading

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