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The model world is awash with 'shunting planks', I know, but I hope my design might be of interest to a few readers, and maintaining this diary might spur me to keep working on the layout.  The track plan (9'6" x 2'6") is thus:




The red line denotes the boundary between the two levels.  Inspired by a diagram by Iain Rice, I can claim no credit for the ideas.  I am working on the lower layout at the moment:





Below is before I started track-laying, with the upper (passenger station) board, 'Atherington Victoria', balanced on timber to give an idea of design.  The boxes are where buildings will be - a warehouse and grain silos on the left, and a small station building (part) on the right end of the viaduct.  Hope this all makes sense.  The yard on the lower board, 'East Yard', will be a B.R. blue-era general goods yard, merging into a 'Speedlink' yard depending on the stock run, somewhere on the High Weald of the South Downs (Tunbridge Wells, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Guildford).  However, as I rather like boat trains, it might be 'moved' occasionally to the Sussex coast to allow an inter-regional portion to use the station.




I will post more, when I get the hang of this 'blogging lark'.  Thanks for reading.

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Looks good. Nice location for the layout by the looks of it, I have to climb into the loft. Nice to see a bigger area used in a micro plank style. Can't help but thinking a double slip would not go amiss in there somewhere.

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Thanks for your kind remarks.  I had a loft layout when a child, so this was my first thought, especially as we had the roof re-done last year.  However, owing to the truss design, it would mean climbing over a 3' high bracing timber in the middle, the hatch is only about 2'-square, and there would have to be major spending on installing power.  I thought a smaller layout, more accessible, would be more likely to be finished, although I would dearly love to have a big 'continuous run'.


The double-slip I considered, but was not sure they were that common in little shunting yards.  I wonder now if they are better for short-wheelbase locos than 3-way Insulfrogs.  More to post when I can get another few yards of track and finish the sidings.  Thank you for giving this your attention.  Best wishes.

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