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Yard Fence/Barricade.



I think I mentioned earlier that I fancied having some heavy duty fencing alongside the reception road run-round. In these 'interesting' times it's proved unviable to get hold of just two lengths of bullhead rail to make it as I envisaged, but that may have been a blessing. I have a length of flat bottom rail which I vaguely considered using, but that was a no go since although it bends nicely left and right so to speak, up and down without twisting isn't easy. I can't help wondering if bullhead would be all that different. 


No matter, yet another Plan B has been enacted. Using sleepers for the uprights (I got a bag of the old narrow Peco point timbers form a wag on eBay, nearly used them all now!) and 12ft x 10in. planks (yep, good old stirrers again) I've made some sections of fence/barrier. These will stick out above ground by about 4ft and are intended to look a bit Heath-Robinson rather than any sort of 'standard' design. 


Making them was really pretty easy - it's just lengths of sleeper with the planks super-glued to them. Five posts at a time seems to be a good size such that they won't fall apart being handled. There's a bunch of planks to fill the gaps when installed. A couple of posts in each secrThe sleepers are in fact u-channels and much as I wanted to leave as was, I've added some caps to hide the shape. Everything then got a dollop of (surprise!) sleeper grime which was attacked with the chalks when dry to hopefully give a 'been there for a long time' look. 


Next is to fit them and clay round the posts and then across the yard.


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