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Carrying on with paving...

Paul Robertson


Tonight I managed to finish off the point infilling and then get on with finishing off the paving. 



(infill finished off along the dockside) 


First of all I paid attention to an area of das clay I wanted to turn into concrete (wanted a bit of relief from the tarmac). Concrete needs a nice clean edge to represent the formwork so out with the craft knife and metal rule to straighten up the edges. After that I scaled down and scored 9m movement joints into the das surface. 



(area to be 'concreted' tieded up and movement joints scored in). 


Whilst I had originally bought the Indian ink to create tarmac I hadn't been impressed with the results but a couple of coats watered down did look very much like concrete so decided to use that technique instead. 



(a coat of watery India ink. Note how it picks out scored movement joints) 


Having done this I then got out my acrylics and started to paint the asphalt Road. Lots of different shades of grey finished off with a thinner brush and lighter colours to represent where most of the traffic go. 



(Linkspan junction with the lighter paint showing where the vehicles go) 



(with the viaduct bridge back in place) 



(and a final shot of the portakabin on its concrete apron) 


Just need to paint the rest of the Dock then I will need to put all the lining and road painting decals on. 


Thanks for reading

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