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Dapol O Gauge 14xx No. 1444

Mick Bonwick


Who hangs on to old tins of paint, wherein gloopy remains stick to the bottom? I have an old tin of Humbrol 27004 Metalcote Gunmetal, most of which was used for airbrushing onto wheels and smokeboxes in a black/gunmetal mixture. During a search for suitable buffer head grease I found that the otherwise unusable pigment that remained in the bottom of an improperly closed tinlet had an interesting property. A lump of this goo was attached to a buffer head, smeared about a bit and left to dry. Once dry, it was gently buffed to bring out the metallic sheen.


On 1444 I have used this simple process for the buffers, after treating them to a layer of Dullcote and some MIG Dark Mud. These two final photographs show the end result.






Now I'm off to work on the Golden Arrow.



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This has been a textbook exercise in weathering and the result speaks for itself!

Great work, and I suspect that in the world of weathering you have now moved up from demi-god to god!

Anyway, all good practice before you start on the 'Arrow!


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Just caught up with the blog. The 14xx looks stunning! a good weathering job really transforms O gauge loco's, makes them  look soooo real! 


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