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Signal Kit Build



Whilst painting and decorating, fitting fishplates and the final bits of rodding and signal wires proceeds in stops and starts (they aren't my favourite activities) I decided building a nice kit would be a pleasant diversion. Though I'm itching to build the 43two1 Models BR 20T brake van kit (I built one a few years ago, a delightful kit) reason suggested making the MSE signal kit for the platform would be more practical.


Those of the tidy workshop persuasion might like to go and have a lie down at this point. Whilst tidying up (i.e. making a space) I found the lamp off the buffer stops mentioned in an earlier post as being lost in action on the floor - right in front of me hidden in plain sight. 30 mins I was crawling around on the floor!


I've made one of these before, or at least I thought I had, and had kept the jigs I'd made for the loop at the top of the ladder and such. However this kit has a loop in the etch. I'm not sure if the kit has been updated or the earlier one wasn't in fact not an MSE kit at all.  Anyhow, it will be interesting to compare the finished results.


So what do you get? Well, everything bar paint and solder it seems. The etches are nice and crisp as I've found with other MSE kits, and the post and ladder are surely 'tall' enough for any reasonable height of signal. Options for short or long home arms are provided, as is a distant flavour one - lots of bits left over for the S&T sub-diorama. The post includes a broader bit to slide over to form the step in the post.


The instructions run to 4 pages  (2x double sided) and are, to say the least, comprehensive. There's a conversion chart for choosing the height and so on, and recommendations about which solder to use where and such. I'm pretty sure this isn't the kit I built before now. I will be making it working, with a sub mm LED in the lamp as per the other one. Time to actually RTFM and make a start after tea.

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