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Signal Kit Build - 3



The part of the instructions, which have only a couple of sketches and reminded me today of Airfix instructions back in the day when they purely text, is to add either a signal wire pulley, or a crank arm (cosmetic). This is different from the other kit I did which just offered a crank, so naturally I've gone with the pulley - though this is I suspect not prototypical for the period. It uses the same part as the bracket on the post and folds up with a pulley on another short bit of rod. This is soldered to the baseplate pointing either in-line or at right angles to the signal. The wire is coming from the front in my case. I may have to lift it a bit later.




Now I have to go off-script as the next bit is fitting the lamp and bracket. Since I'm lighting the signal an LED needs to go in the lamp. This was much the same as outlined back in the dummy making posts, except this time the bracket needs a hole in as well for the wires coming down from the lamp. The lamp is a different shape to last kit, I'm guessing this is a GWR/BR(WR) thing but no worries. The front lens and the tell-tale at the back are not in line. By angling the pin vice I managed to get them to meet in the middle in the hole drilled up to get the LED in position.  Before drilling the lamp I dug out a spare lamp from the previous kit (a bag full of signalling eBay extras the seller chucked in!) just to make sure which I wanted to use.

The one on the left, with it's bracket, is the 'proper' one, the one on the right is the spare. As there will be wires I can't solder this so I was pondering two glue joints vs. one. I decided to go with the kit lamp and bracket (the lamp hadn't been drilled at this point)




And then, while trial fitting the LED, the bracket vanished. Another 30 minutes on the floor failed to find it. Bloody aliens again I expect. Still, not a disaster as I can cite BRiness for having to use the spare. This is it drilled out.




Next a hole is needed in the post. I marked it out as per the instructions and it turns out the new lamp is a direct swap for the lost one. So I filed a small flat on the post behind where the lamp bracket will go to give the glue half a chance, and also used the flat to drill a hole for the wires. I may need to open out the hole a bit, the wires go through (they are tiny) but its a bit tight perhaps. 




The LEDs, fortunately, come with long leads so the resistor can be cut off to allow feeding the wires down the post. So, test the LED (that would be annoying) and stick it in the lamp with Evostick. All good, glue drying time. I'll probably find that bracket sitting staring at me in a minute...







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