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Engine Shed



After a long hiatus for the summer progress has continued a little. The engine shed has been largely finished for some time but I put the internal white washed bricks in this week to finish the job. The engine shed will be adjacent to the coaling stage, to which I am adding coal now! 


It is not modelled on a prototype. It is however in the GWR style with similarities to Tetbury without the water tower, or a shorter version of Wallingford. 




A view looking inside a little.




The camera never lies; having seen the images I took for the blog I will have to improve the weathering on the doors. 


It will help cover the scenic break bridge to the right of the layout. This means that, amazingly, I am still largely keeping to my original plan. Here is a view of it plonked in that location. 



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Thanks. I am trying to get that look across the layout as I always find the layouts with subdued colours to be my favourites at shows. In this case I used Scalescenes Red Brick for the walls but I dulled it down just a little before printing using The Gimp. I have put more information on the build on the next posting.

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