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Stour Valley Dream - Castle mound (mk. 2)

Fen End Pit


Taking onboard the comments on the mound I added the best part of another couple of inches to the top. I also altered the shape to I hope better match the rather pointed shape of the original. I've added an initial layer of static grass and made a couple of trial little bits of wall from Sculptamold (I just wanted to see if I could make a wall with it, I need to get the shapes better)


I've got the goods shed bedded in a bit better (obviously still needs windows, capping stones etc. etc.) and also added the 3d printed yard crane in place. I don't think it looks too bad.




There are still lots of flecks of polystyrene which seem to defy the hoover repeatedly!




Looking in the other direction the cattle dock/grain loader is beginning to look more complete. The back siding got some static grass as it appeared to be pretty weedy by the mid 1950's.  The join between the back of the layout and the wall will mostly be a line of bushes.





Now another question. This colour image of the goods shed seems to give the appearance that part of the brick wall was much paler than rest of the building, almost as if it had been whitewashed. There is no remains of the colour now on the building except perhaps just to the left of the top of the doorway. Any ideas what/why? I almost wondered if it was for sighting purposes but it never acted as the background for a signal.






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One possibility for the white paint, and you are not too far off with sighting, is that it may have been applied in the war (Second!), to make the entrance more visible during black out conditions. My justification for this is that there is still clear evidence of white painted edges to the brick door surrounds at the rear access to our house. Our cellar was designated as a community air raid shelter in WW2.


Another thought for removal of polystyrene bits and I am afraid I can't test this at the moment but am sure you could have fun doing so. As they are so attracted by static could the static grass applicator be used to 'Hoover' them up or the old party trick of rubbing an inflated balloon on a nice Nylon jumper - yes that is what passed for fun when I was growing up in the grim 70's!

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