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Shedding more light on the matter...

Paul Robertson



Having learnt my lessons from yesterday I carried on with the lighting. Trying to get as much wiring done as possible so it could be hidden by the remainder of the landscaping. 


The first item tackled was the Linkspan winding house. I had left the roof removable when I had first made it to allow lighting to be fitted later on. I wanted a white light shining down to illuminate the bridge immediately beneath the winding house along with my first try with fibre optics to provide some lighting around the walkway. 



(hand drilling holes for the fibre optics) 



(trial fitting of lighting) 


In order to get power to this without physically connecting it (is it needs to be removed in order to be able to take off the upper linkspan) I attached to wires to the base of the rear supports. I stripped the wire to make contact with another wire fixed to the layout. One leg had the positive and the other had the negative contact. 



(contacts fitted to the base to provide the circuit) 



(and amazingly it worked! ) 


Once I had done that I concentrated on tidying up the wiring and providing some better connections for the other high mast so it now emits the same amount of light as the first. I also put a light in the portakabin so it looks like the workforce are burning the midnight oil. 



(the light pouring out the office) 



(the dockside now looking much better lit from the second high mast) 



The Linkspan nicely lit up. Another sodium bulb has been placed in the entrance of the customs warehouse. 



(view from the cliffs) 


The next on my to do list will be the gantry sign. 


Thanks for reading

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