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16mm photo-plank - Can you form some kind of rudimentary lathe*

Fen End Pit


I've started making a lathe for my model workshop. Boy does it have a lot of pieces! I've still got the gearing on the drive end to do and the bracket which holds the top set of pulley wheels. I'm not slavishly copying this photograph but trying to make something which looks lathe-like.




The main bed of the lathe worked out to be too big to print on the Anycubic photon in a single piece so, as it was a relatively simple shape and could be sanded easily, I printed it on my Ender 5 FDM printer. This came out really well but I did have some issues with the tolerances between the FDM printed parts and the DLP printed detail bits.


The first batch of detail parts just fitted onto the build platform and took about 4 1/2 hours yesterday evening.



So far I have just cleaned up the parts and tried to fit them together, the white resin is useless at showing the detail in photographs (learnt lesson purchased grey next time). I think the results are looking ok. One of the levers on the cross-slide didn't get printed (my mistake) and the little handle on one of the levers is too thin and only just holding together. The tail-stock wheel is just secured with blu-tac for now.





There are a couple of rods which need to be threaded along the bed, one threaded and one plane. I'm wondering if I can get a length of 1mm threaded rod from anywhere. If the 5p doesn't give a sense of scale here is the Bachmann 16mm driver next to the lathe.



I'm quite pleased with how it is coming along, it is certainly the largest and most complex thing I've done so far.


* line from Galaxy Quest !




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