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State of play




A long time since the last post.. times have changed.


This project started off as a possible DJLC entry, but it has moved to a form of shelf layout, hugely inspired by Templefields in MRJ in concept and layout, but not just a direct copy shrunk down. My other major inspiration was Canada Street (maybe I’m in the wrong scale?) which I was delighted to see in Liverpool a few years back. This shelfie won’t be very industrial,  but it may change era.


I’ve almost built 2 Easitrac turnouts from kits using a mix of homemade and bought in jigs, and laid some plain track to learn about that. 

My first loco, the 08, is coming on well. The chassis runs in both directions 6-coupled. I’ve fettled the cosmetic frames so that it still runs with these fitted, and today I’ve been fitting brake rigging using .3mm wire and plastic wire insulation to make it removable. Seen here on my homemade cradle and test stand. This is my second etch, the first was too far gone to be worth continuing, so I took the hit and replaced it. I’m glad I did, it’s made a huge difference. This reflects my philosophy of not accepting anything I’m not happy with, many things get started again with the aim of improvement, which mostly happens.


On this subject,  a wagon update will follow. 



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