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Coaling Stage



When drawing the first plan featured in my previous blog, I discovered that the length of the incline up to the coaling stage, along with the building itself  (and the track extension beyond), had a big effect on the space required. To finalise the layout I needed to know the track height at the coaling stage. I could then work out what would look correct and be feasible for a loco to propel four coal wagons up the incline. So earlier in the year the coaling stage was the first building I made a start on.


Coaling Stage structure

This is the Timber Tracks kit which I believe is based on the one at Didcot. It when together extremely well. The only deviation I made from the very comprehensive instructions is not gluing the internal wall sections into place before painting them. Photos I've seen of the internal walls of most of these coaling stages show white walls but with a band of black around the bottom. When offering the internal wall veneer sections into place I thought it would make it difficult to paint them once installed.



First attempt

I first tried painting the walls white but as can be seen on the right in the above photo, this did not look very convincing. The next thought was to paint the bricks first with a brick-ish colour before painting over with white. The result of this test is the top left in the above. This seemed a better idea as it gave some depth of colour to the wall.


Stage 2

I next choose what I thought would be suitable colours. I use Vallejo Model Colour (acrylic paints for my wargaming miniatures) so these were the first I turned to. I chose: Cavalry Brown, Red Leather, Flat Brown, Desert Yellow, and Dark Flesh. These were individually dry brushed over the brick structure in a random fashion to try to give a varied colour base. A little more focus will be required when working on the external walls but think the initial result is acceptable as an undercoat for the whitewashed internal walls.


Stages 3 & 4

The top wall in the above photo is stage 3 before a black wash is applied. Though I'm not wholly satisfied with the lower wall (stage 4) after applying a black wash, I think it is a fairly acceptable result, especially as it will be difficult to see once the coaling stage is complete and installed on a layout.

A minor amendment/addition I've made is the inclusion of what I think is a water pipe in the centre of the building. Now the building is complete I'm not sure this addition has been worthwhile, but hey-ho... One other thing I was concerned about is access to the interior once installed on the layout. The solution I've applied is three pins on to which the water tank is located. This should enable me to remove the water tank if a wagon derails and takes up residence in the coaling stage.



Coal tubs need completing...

The below pictures show its current state.





It still needs the platform on the side of the water tank along with its access ladder. As these items seem a little fragile I'll not be installing them until the building is fixed on a layout. Painting of the building will take place once the Sand House and Engine Shed are built so that they all get similar treatments.

Showing location pins.jpg

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Looking good :).


I think the central column is structural. The water pipes are in the corners of the coaling platform.

Here's a couple of photos from Didcot:





Also, the coaling platform is slightly raised above the level of the rails, so the wagon door is almost level with the platform when open:



Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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Thanls for the pics @GWR57xx ygey will help with detsiling. i did think it a little strange that the water pipe might have been in sutch a vunerable place makes more sense now.



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