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Coal bins.



Having tried scoring 2mm. plasticard to make coal yard bins, and been disappointed with the results, I spent the weekend making up something better looking with balsa-wood OO 'sleepers' (30x3x2mm.) instead.  Slapped some paint down to delineate the areas on the mineral siding (coal, aggregates, chalk and china clay), and knocked up the start of a hopper for the coal merchant to fill his sacks.  Also managed to remove the back 'grabs' off the JCB models.  All in all, I am pleased with the progress.


Alas, I still can not get the hang of the focussing, so the photos are not wonderful, but I hope you get the idea of the layout.  Looking forward to finishing the 'groynes' of the coal pens (another twelve panels needing making) and then painting and weathering them.  Then I need to work out how to fill them with 'piles' without using a solid block of modelling clay...







The task of ballasting hangs over me for Christmas, alas...



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