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It's been a while...

Paul Robertson



The past couple of weeks have been taken up with all things other than railways. The family invented an xmas card game which I needed to produce on the computer, and the emergency volunteer group I run has been involved in covid response recently. It hasn't been all quiet on the modelling front however. I completed the lighting on the ferry which now includes navigation and flood lighting. 



(lighting now on board) 


The train deck has three white leds to give that well lit, blazing light, feel



(train deck now let up) 


The next thing on my to do list was trying some yard track ballasting. I wanted to use das clay as a base and then push fine ballast into it to give a much more varied feel. 



(first length of das with ballast pushed in.)


There was lots of clearing off round flanges and sleeper ends to neaten it all up. 



(all filled in. Note I didn't bother with trying to push ballast into das in between the point rails. I thought that would be too tricky) 


Leaving it to dry overnight I painted the sleepers with a brown acrylic pen before starting to paint up the track in various shades of brown acrylic watered down and stippled on. 



(ballast immediately around track painted darker to simulate oil stains) 


Having a bit of time this afternoon I also put in the French drains along the edges of the road and round the embankment. 



(French drain made from ballast brushed into place and then glued with water / pva mix) 


Having completed the French drains I painted up some balsa wood yellow to represent concrete traffic blocks and then fixed an open level crossing sign to one. 



(concrete blocks and signage in place) 



(an alternative view) 


Another busy week with my volunteers so may be a while till my next post. Merry Xmas and thanks for reading



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