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Stour Valley Dream - Progress in the goods yard

Fen End Pit



There has been a bit of progress on my model of Clare in Suffolk over the last few weeks. The goods yard area around the cattle dock is coming on and I've planted the shunting signal which protects the exit from the yard (just in front on the J15)




Looking the other way and the castle mount is coming on with the start of some walls on in. These have been molded in sculptamold and I've had a go at painting lots of 'dots' to represent the stonework which seems to be lots of bits of stone held together with lime mortar. I think this was mainly stones which could be picked off fields as there is no source of 'local stone' to quarry in the middle of Suffolk. Any decent blocks would have been robbed by the locals over the years since the castle was unoccupied.




The goods shed now has windows and capping stones on the gables. I've tried to replicate the strange white-washed patch on the end which I have seen in the 1950's photographs. the yard crane is just resting in place, that is why it isn't quite central on its plinth.




Aerial photographs show a line of eleven wagons in the siding beyond the goods shed. I can get ten wagons in which I think is an acceptable level of compression. The yard still needs ballasting.




I've started on the ground-works down toward the river bank. The line here is curved much more steeply than the prototype and the bridge is shorted and on a curve. I'll make something similar to the original. I was surprised just how slim the centre pier is, one of my pictures allows you to count the bricks across the top and it was only 5 stretchers wide, so about 4'.




As we don't exist in the movies where the protagonist can just say 'enhance that' when a blurry image appears I'd like your views on what this might be. Just along from the end of the cattle dock the aerial photo shows this.


yes, that is as large as it goes. Guesses anyone?




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The mound is looking good now. Good progress everywhere especially the good shed. Initial progress on the river suggests it will be very convincing. 

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So is this 00 or N?  (I'm guessing 00...)  

My guess is that the building is a dunny... 


Odd coincidence, but I'm doing the same location in N... 


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1 hour ago, Mrs Durby said:

So is this 00 or N?  (I'm guessing 00...)  

My guess is that the building is a dunny... 


Odd coincidence, but I'm doing the same location in N... 



The layout is 4mm scale, P4 track. Not sure what a 'dunny' is, the buildings are all scratch built, mainly from laser cut MDF, based on my own drawings.

Good luck with your 2mm version.


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I'm going to guess that the pile on the left is sleepers and that the item to the right is about the right size for a stores shed.


I don't think it's a dunny which, as far as I know, is an Australian bog. Presumably there's already a gentlemen's convenience on the platform, connected to the drains.

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