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08 Brakes, done!




Today was a good day, the brakes rigging and everything finally went together and looked great, the 4 free axled wheels turned fine. Great result. A little bit of shenanigans followed when the cross wires were cut and replaced by sleeves to insulate the 2 sides, one shoe fell off, but soon fixed.


Then, a small setback.


The whole gear train, previously running well, even with the wheels coupled, is locked solid...


More on this story later.








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Looking good. I wait to hear the later bit on the gear train - I hope you have a solution.


Do you use a magnifying aid or just very good eyesight?

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Thanks, it took yonks to get it right... I use 2 ikea swan neck spots, very bright, and a swan neck magnifying glass that I can get right in close too, seems to work. I occasionally use clip on things for my specs, but less happy with these.


no progress yet, may have to take a gear or two out. May also be the worm moving, not sure if that’s the cause or a symptom.



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