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Irish Interlude - a 3d printer Cavan and Leitrim coal wagon

Fen End Pit


So Phil asked 'Could your gadgetry print wagon bodies' and attached a photograph of a Cavan and Leitrim 3' gauge 4-plank coal wagon and a 2D drawing he'd made. Well I couldn't let that challenge go could I? Over the course of the festive season we have bounce various images and drawing back and forth as I hopefully got closer to the prototype. Photographs are somewhat elusive, I don't think many people who got to travel on the C&L bothered taking pictures of mundane old coal wagons. This one is an unusual prototype with a pair of hinged doors on each side - quite how the middle section of the side stayed up is a bit of a mystery, there is some metal bracing on the inside and outside but it all looks a bit sketchy to me.




The wagons is about 60mm x 30mm in 4mm scale and I added some internal support to help prevent any warping of the sides.

I took some advice from RMweb about print orientation and support and the first results came out pretty well. There is a slight diagonal line on one end which will disappear with a little sanding and paint.





Once the support structure was removed the body sits square on the deck and I think should paint up quite nicely. I think I might slightly reduce the length of the bolts, I didn't know how they would come out and I might slightly increase the depth of the gap in the planks to make it more visible.




The body is designed to fit onto an etched chassis which includes the solebars. There is a recess in the buffer beams on the inside to accept this.


All in all a rather fun little project.


Now, about this weird van with a tarpaulin roof.....



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The diagonal line in the 4 wagons I've designed ALWAYS turns out on one side.  I've tried every orientation under the sun and it's futile.  


Is why currently they are a Shapeways only item.



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