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Banner Repeater Kit Build - 7 (Paint)



The plan was to paint the white first, but then I put the tape the wrong side of the line, so black it is. The good news is nothing fell off, the bad news is it's probably just waiting for an inconvenient moment. Doubtless someone will be along telling me I'm doing this all wrong, but some more photo searching seems to show that having a finial may only apply for BR days, and perhaps only then when the signal is much taller than I'm making. So I'm going for a cap, following GWR practice, so it certainly isn't completely wrong. The kit instructions, who's authors I confident are au fait with the prototypes, call for a cap. A couple of likely candidates for the cap have emerged from the bag of signal bits I have knocking around, so hopefully that's sorted out. I forgot to take the photo's with the white applied.. another post follows later as I have to fire up the studio to do a bit of musicing.







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