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An Ex LB&SCR Terrier - some background




The WC&PR had no less than 17 locomotives in its 43 years of operation and it would be hard to find a more diverse range of small wheelbase traction power anywhere. Under Col. Stephens management this motley selection (which must have been an engineer's nightmare) were effectively replaced in the final years by two of his beloved Terriers which did most of the hard work up until the line's closure.


The first, acquired in 1925 was the ex- LBSCR No 43 "Gipsyhill" which became the 3rd or 4th WC&PR loco to be named "Portishead". By 1936 a further crisis arose with "Portishead" needing urgent and extensive boiler work. The Railway purchased a 2nd Terrier No  53 "Ashtead" which became WC&PR #4 and the mainstay of the final years of operations.


My interest in the WC&PR was rekindled when Hornby released a reissue of Terrier WC&PR #4 a few years ago as so despite all the model's many limitations I had to have one!   New releases from Dapol and Hornby were not on my radar at that time.


With time my interest in the railway and also in kit and model modifications increased and I eventually decided to se what I could do to rectify the worst failings of the 40 something year old molding which Hornby had retained. The following posts cover the work done over the last year or so.




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