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DCC and Stay Alive Power for WC&PR #4




My default modifications for small wheel base locos is to add a suitable Stay Alive and replacement wheel wipers. The DCC fit required a small Chip, the ZIMO MX622 which can be externally wired to the SACC 16 for Stay Alive function. The Chip is a tight fit between motor and body in the old style Hornby Terrier.




The Stay alive and a decent set of Caps fit neatly on the cab floor / in the bunker once the modest bunker weight is removed.


Wipers are added as per the Standard method given me by Barry Ten (thx again!). Operations over the longest double curve Insulfrog is now excellent.





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Thanks for the info. Can I ask why the replacement wipers are necessary, i.e. what is the improvement? Better contact maybe?

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Hi Mikkel,


my layout has insulfrog points (an early poor decision, pity there's no "undo" option). The most troublesome e.g. double curve have long dead spots and I've found the edge wipers to give more reliable performance than the standard type. They're also much easier to keep clean and retain their tension better. I've taken to fitting these wipers to all my 0-6-0s and similar locos. Couple that with a decent stay alive and locos will crawl across anything.



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Many thanks Colin, good to know. 


20 hours ago, BWsTrains said:

pity there's no "undo" option


Yes, wouldn't life be so much easier if we had one of those :)



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22 minutes ago, Mikkel said:

Many thanks Colin, good to know. 



Yes, wouldn't life be so much easier if we had one of those :)



I've a video somewhere of the notorious Hornby Class 48xx 0-4-2 which after my treatment with wipers, Stay Alive etc. runs seamlessly over those same curved points. Must go looking for it! I'll keep you posted.



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