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Parkside SR 25T Brake Van Kit Build



With the banner repeater finished and the stone walling on order, another sub-project as mentioned is needed. To this end I've secured a spray gun that actually sprays, but as yet can't find the marble cutting board I use as a known flat surface to make sure all is square. A trip to Wilko on shopping day may be in order. I'm attempting to order a set of wheels with roller bearings for this, as I'd like to see how effectively loose shunting can be reproduced, since it was such a major part of railway operation. Plus I want use blackened wheels, I don't 'get' the Slaters silver rims and they are a to paint. I don't know if a Parkside kit build it is of any interest to anyone, there's probably millions on the web, but I'll post it anyway because Friday or something.


Anyhow, to the van. I'm not overly SR oriented, and this is the first wagon I've made that I didn't actually work with - probably a lot to do with the SR being fitted-only by my day. I guess some were probably still in Engineers use somewhere. I'm looking at BR decoration, as the 7mm ones for sale seem to be mostly SR. But the I have a pot of SR paint on the shelf... ah decisions.




The box. Pretty much what you'd expect!




The bits. And so many... The repeater is still drying down to the left (one tiny blob of back on white - arrrrgggghh), so I'll not start just now so I don't knock it off. At least the work bench is tidy. Ish.

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Nice kit, I built one in BR grey.  I didn't get on with the plastic step board hangers and made some from scrap brass.




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1 hour ago, brossard said:

Nice kit, I built one in BR grey.  I didn't get on with the plastic step board hangers and made some from scrap brass.

Noted :-)

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