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J20 - now in black

Fen End Pit



Over the last couple of days I managed to get a coat of primer followed by a coat a Stratford's finest black. This was a heavy freight locomotive and getting towards the end of its life so I've got a fair bit of weathering to apply. On most of the prototype photographs it is almost impossible to see the BR insignia on the tender!  I've noticed I also need to paint the bolt ends on the brake-gear.





I'm very pleased with the way the different components came together. The footplate had lots of additional bits required to fill in the space left by the original splashers and the sandboxes were home made 3D printed replacements. Also on the 'still to do' list is the glazing, it looks from the pictures I have that the front side window was glazed but the rear one was not. As I've said before the J20 was a bit of a beast and it makes an interesting comparison with the B12 behind it. Given that the B12 is a 4-6-0 and the J20 an 0-6-0 it is quite amazing that the boilers are almost the same size!






Next into the works in a J17, this one is a PDK kit but I'm getting a head start because one of my friends built one recently so we know our way around it.





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