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Stanier Fox. 42446 of Leicester 15C. Another rebuild.



Whilst searching for an Hornby Fowler 2-6-4 on eBay for a good friend I came across this Hornby Stanier 2-6-4. It was a reasonable price so I thought it would make a nice project. There were a few areas on the model I could see needed repairing. 


When it arrived and I examined it it became clear the motion bracket was broken on one side. This resulted in some rather lumpy running. 


The other area of note was on the fireman's side the cabside steps and the injector pipework under the cab had been damaged. 


I stripped down the loco. Degreased the chassis and rewired it removing the circuit board in the process. The chassis was reassembled and regreased the gears with Vaseline. Thankfully it was a smooth runner minus valve gear. 


Through Peter's Spares I managed to obtain a replacement motion bracket assembly and got everything running very sweetly. 


Workbench Jan 2021


I then repaired the pipework under the fireman's cabside step as well. The step was also reglued. One of the rear handrails was missing and also replaced. 


The body work was given a light buff with T-Cut and the numbers removed.  I brush applied a number of coats of Johnson's Kleer to lift the finish. 


I sprayed in the smokebox and cab roof with Tamiya NATO black. The coal bunker received a false floor made up from black plastic sheet. 


Choosing a class representative that would be found in the Kettering/Wellingborough area came up with 42446 which was shedded at Leicester 15C but I believe it was a Market Harborough loco and worked on the Market Harborough-Northampton line. 


Numbers from Fox along with power classification and 15C shed code plate. The smokebox number plate is from the excellent Pacific Models range. 


Workbench Jan 2021


Everything was then sealed with a coat of airbrushed Kleer followed by a coat of Vallejo satin varnish. 


The valve gear was inked in with a Sharpie silver marker followed by washes of Vallejo dark rust and German grey to pick out the relief. 


I managed to find an accessory pack on eBay which was duly fitted. 


Weathering wise the usual mix of Tamiya NATO black/brown for underframe dirt was sprayed on. Satin black from the same manufacturer was dusted over the smokebox. Detail painting and washes with Vallejo acrylics. 



Workbench Jan 2021


Finely crushed real coal was added to the bunker. Crew are Horny drivers (For Mikkel) with suitable amputations to fit in the cab Dukes of Hazard style through the side windows. 


Lamps to be fitted.


A nice project all round and good to restore a loco and give it another lease of life. 









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Nice project Mark.


Are you keeping it or will you pass on to your friend?

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On 08/01/2021 at 23:07, bcnPete said:

Nice project Mark.


Are you keeping it or will you pass on to your friend?


Think it will be heading towards 15A land when the lurgy goes away... 



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