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3rd rail and 4 lights...

Paul Robertson



Topping and tailing some details on the layout with the completion of the permanent way. Since we are in the southern region it only seemed right to put a third rail running down into the station. Due to the small nature of n gauge I didn't worry too much with the detail. I painted some 1mm styrene strip dark brown then cut a ramp into the ends. Having completed that the top of the '3rd rail' was painted silver. 



(third rail installed) 



(and from the other side) 


I also decided to put the extra lighting in the other high mast by the Linkspan getting a much better lighting effect. 



(lighting towers now giving out a lot more light) 



(note additional vehicles have now arrived) 



(much better flood lighting on the Linkspan) 


I've been sketching some perspective views onto the back scene and will hopefully start painting shortly. 



(all lit up) 



(suitable semi-trailer load now placed on ferry by the yard tractor) 



(lorries and coaches all lined up) 


Many thanks for reading


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Just to say that reading a FaceBook article today about the impact of the new Brexit regulations upon the export of fresh fish to Europe, I was particularly struck by the overhead view of the road approaches to Dover harbour with the white cliffs, overhead signs etc and my first thought was that you have captured the essence of Dover perfectly with your model. Bravo!

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