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We’re going to need more wagons




I’m writing this taking a coffee and (home baked) shortbread break while I order up some more wheels, and yet more vans from Shop2. Yesterday I got some progress on brake gear after watching Nick Mitchell’s wonderful video on building the 16T mineral, and following his methods I have succeeded in getting 3 or 4 levers on.


I did a stock take and found I had one chassis too many, so I had to buy 2 more van bodies (they come in pairs) so I had to get another chassis too. Good job I like vans!


Pictured below is the workbench at close of play last night. If you look carefully, you may see a brake lever stuck to the tip of the soldering iron.... the batteries ran out just at the wrong moment, and my spares have been pressed into Christmas lights duties, so everything stopped while we recharged! I’m pleased to say that the lever survived!

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