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Irish Interlude 2 - more Cavan and Leitrim coal wagons

Fen End Pit



I have been making some more coal wagons for a friend's Irish project. The first attempt were slightly too narrow because some idiot (me) got the dimension wrong on the 3D model. Having fixed that we now have a models of 3 different types of wagon and the beginnings of a coal train. The wagon chassis department is apparently working at peak capacity assembling etched underframes.


The 3 wagons are subtly different, one design has two doors in the middle while the other two have a pair of doors on each side.



I can fit three wagons on the bed of my Anycubic Photon as the wagons are just less than the width of the bed. I have found that printing them at a 20 degree angle, and adding a tiny hole in the floor seems to give the best results.



A close up of the end of the latest batch shows the diagonal layers, but they should be very easy to hide with a touch of paint. I think the tiny 'pressure relief hole' in the floor is helping to avoid layer issues cause by the suction

effect of the wagon body on the print bed.




You can (hopefully) see the differences in the body work when the three models are put together.


Top is the four door variant with one type of door strapping (the top being a T shape on its side).

Middle is the four door variant with the other form of door strapping (the top of the strapping being an L shape).

Bottom is the two door variant.




I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like with a chassis underneath.




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