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Johnson Street IEMD: Loco fleet Update - 10th January 2021 - Ex-EWS DB 66139 gets sound fitted - January transfer window open ... possible movement ?



January 2021 Update



DB 66139 gets sound ... and ...


Recent arrival Ex-EWS DB liveried Bachmann Class 66 has now been sound fitted, thank you to @amertonman (with a Bachmann 66 sound chip and speaker).  Do I keep the host sound 66 027 ? well, I think it's probably going to go, but im still umming and arring on that subject, we'll see...  Currently, two of my three DB66s are now sound fitted, 66009 and now 66139, its my intention to get 66065 sound fitted, and when the time is right, 66117, the newest Bachmann DB 66 will be added, sound fitted and weathered also.. The crux of it is, i have two unaccounted sound chips, which have gone astray, which are ready to go into 66065 and 66117 when it comes... so as soon as they re-appear, we should see 66065 sorted and a little later in the year 66117 also ... another job for you Ian @amertonman..


and ...


Will there be any more 66s for Johnson Street ? I think four is more than enough ... more electric traction is needed, before any more diesels arrive ... 2021 should see the emergence of the Accurascales Class 92 as well as the new Heljan Class 86, both of which are going to feature at Johnson Street, but probably a little further into 2022, we will have to see what happens ... The Dyson is probably more likely to arrive first, trouble is I cant really make up my mind on the livery I will opt for firstly, I like the three beasties EWS transiitionary grey livery (92017 ? ), i could also see the DB Schenker (92042) and DB Cargo (92016) variants working - i am also toying with the idea that GBRf could sub-contract their electric traction maintenance to Johnson Street so then the Cally Sleeper and GBRf 92s could also be seen here also. 


The plans for the 86 are less clear, i had initially thought about DB operating a pair wet-leased from Freightliner, also, I liked seeing 86101 and 401 working the Caledonian Sleeper but sadly that finished with the arrival of the Mk5 carriages, now, one of the 86s is now in the hands of LSL, i am not sure about the other, maybe DB could use it ? 


January Transfer window open


So, there is movement afoot at Johnson Street IEMD, the layout itself may well be coming back home soon, with not much progress being made due to circumstances outside the control of the build team, and with Covid being what it is. The loco fleet at Johnson Street is going to see a little movement also, watch this space for more soon, incomings and outgoings expected shortly.


26-10-20 - Bachmann Class 66 139 - 1.jpg

26-10-20 - Bachmann Class 66 139 - taken with 66009 and 66065.jpg

Edited by DBC90024


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