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J20 - Some missing bits

Fen End Pit



Having put the J20 together and painted it I spotted that I'd missed a couple of important bits off. The first were the front guard irons which were easily soldered onto the front of the chassis. The others were, it appears, completely missing from the kit, these were the two large lockers in the cab, one of which has the reverser mounted on it. The kit appears to not have parts for these at all and they are not mentioned in the instructions. Photographs of cab interiors are notoriously hard to come by but the instructions for the 7mm scale Connoisseur kit had a good picture of how they expected their kit to be put together. Based on this, and the drawing from the Great Eastern Railway society collection I modeled up the two lockers in CAD and printed them out on the Photon. This was much easier than trying to fabricate them from brass. I thought the little reverser wheel came out pretty well.




Once in place the cab looks much better. I need to pick out the dials and gauges and there is a crew on order from Eileen's.



I've also made a start on the J17. So far the frames have altered to allow High Level hornblocks to be fitted, holes have been drilled for CSB mounts and the original slots for frame spaces have been filled. The frames have been assembled using some very ancient Perseverance frame spaces. I've also assembled the coupling rods from an etch produced by a friend which has lots of bits which will help with this loco and put together a High Level gearbox to make it go.




Next step is to use the coupling rods as a jig to fit the hornblocks. Wish me luck.




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