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Paul Robertson



The back scene painting has come on from doing the sky last time. I started with painting the hills into the cliff face. I had sketched in a viaduct in the background to suggest a mainline that the station and goods branches end up connecting to. 



(initial hill painted in. A hint of woodland copses and hedgerows on the hills with scrubby embankments either side of the viaduct) 


Following this I carried on with the hillscape round the layout until it came to another cliff and the sea. In order to suggest a rolling hill lighter greens were used at the top of the hill with streaks of white brushed in to give that curve feel. 



(The rolling hills heading round the layout to the cliffs) 


Having completed the hills I started adding some of the town scape using a square end brush and lots of different shades of brown and red to have the brick feel to match the brick paper on the layout. I also thought it would be nice to have a white horse on one of the hills and took my inspiration from Folkstones recent artwork. 



(the town heads off up the valley with the white horse looking over the scene) 


Finally I started to paint a beach scene from the cliff behind the station. 



(townscene coming on) 


Still more to do on the townscape and  thinking about how to paint on a bit more of the harbour in perspective


Thanks for reading



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