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Aggregate wagon-loads.



Killing time waiting for the modelling clay ballast to dry on the left of the yard, I made myself a few wagon-loads of various minerals for my POA wagons.  Cut an oblong of card or plasticard to fit the Open, mould a lump from floral foam and glue it to the former.  Paint, or cover with glue and chippings:




The wagon on the outer left has two, incorrectly shaped, 'heaps' glued to a base, unpainted.  My first attempt, this will be re-done.  The inner left is an experiment of coating the foam heaps with modelling clay and painting with acrylic for sand (three coats plus touching-up in total), the inner right is a mix of coloured chippings to simulate shingle (higher heaps because it has just been loaded for despatch) glued on with Copydex, and the outer right is painted floral foam (four coats of acrylic) to be covered in chalk chippings when one may travel to Sussex and root around in one's parents' garden.


There is also an OAA with a load of timber planks, made from drinks stirrers (not photographed).  The card bases have been 'raised' with small blocks of balsa wood, so one can 'tip' the load out to simulate an empty wagon.  An enjoyable experiment, I thought.

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