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An industrial building (3)



The next stage was to fix a false floor in 2mm greyboard to give some stability to the main building:





A strip of 2mm greyboard was covered in Scalescenes TX21 Pavement to form the footway beneath the main arch...






This was glued into place and a small step added under the pedestrian arch.  Again, this was a small strip of 2mm greyboard covered in the Scalescenes TX42 Concrete, to match the other surrounding stonework...






Time to fit the windows before they are completely boxed in by the rear walls.  Each window aperture has been fitted with a frame of Evergreen plastic strip.  These days, I would make the frames from thin card.








To make the windows I used a sheet of .5mm clear styrene.  I drew a small grid on some white paper with a pencil and laid the clear styrene over this, holding it in place with a few small pieces of masking tape.  The plastic was then lightly cut twice along the grid lines with the scalpel, using a metal rule as a guide.  I have mounted the windows with the uncut side showing outwards as the lines look finer from this side.  I used narrow strips of self-adhesive label to make a frame around each window, thus:






Then fixed the window in place...






I glued strips of styrene strip behind each window to secure it in place






Here is the frontage with all windows now in place...






Next,  work on the end, inside and rear walls.


Thanks for looking.





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Thanks for the blow by blow account of this build as I'm learning much.

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Although I can not use all of your methods, because of my allergy, I love to read your blog. Have to try the method described in "Cottage Modelling for Pendon" to create my own individual windows.

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Thank you Job.  I've just had a quick look in 'Cottage Modelling for Pendon'.  I might give that method a try too.  Always on the look out for new techniques to improve my modelling.



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