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An industrial building (4)



The ends of the building were prepared next.  Only one was covered in brickpaper as this would have been the end of the building facing the front of the layout.  The plain end was to face the backscene and I am a great believer in only modelling that which will be seen.




The bricked end wall had the stone added at the bottom, and was been fitted in place at the end of the building, after being sprayed with matt varnish...






A false floor was fitted followed by a rear wall.  The walls were reinforced with small triangular pieces of card. The brown felt square has been put in place to show the edge of the triangular card strengthening piece...





The other end of the building was  glued in place together with false floor and rear walls.  The mill now has a certain 'solidity' to it...





Although this is not an exact copy of the mill building at Tutbury,  I decided to add an arch similar to the original to the rear of the building, by adding two semi-circular card pieces with a bridging piece, all covered in brickpaper.  The semi-circular card pieces are supported by 'brick' columns...








Roof formers were added to the three roof sections, their job, of course, being to support the roof, which will be added next...






The central roof was cut from 1mm greyboard and lines were drawn at 3mm intervals to make it easy to line up the slates.  I used Scalescenes TX18 Grey Roof Tiles which were cut into individual strips and had a black felt-tip pen run along the bottom edge of each strip, before applying with glue-stick.  Before applying the roof slates, the black felt-tip pen was run around the edges of the greyboard...





The following picture shows the central roof in place...






The two side roofs were then drawn and cut from 1mm greyboard.  They are shown in the following photo, placed in position to check for accuracy before the slates are added...








The remaining roofs were tiles and the roof flashing added using Scalescenes TX00b Roof Flashing.  Once in place I blended it in with some charcoal applied with a finger...






The chimney stacks were made by laminating four pieces of 2mm card and covering with brickpaper...





Any exposed edges of card were coloured with Promarker 'Sunkissed Pink' which gives a good approximation of the brown brick colour...





Here are the finished chimney stacks awaiting a visit to the shed for spraying with matt varnish to protect the printed surface...






The chimney stacks were glued in place.  Awaiting flashing around the bases.  The ridge tiles were added at this stage...





Next we add the gates and other details.


Thanks for looking.




model mill 16 002.JPG

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Brilliant work Terry as ever. 


The neatness and quality of your modelling is wonderful to see. 





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