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An industrial building (5)



The smaller gate at the right-hand side was added using 1mm greyboard covered in Scalescenes TX35 plain clapboard, coloured with Promarkers.






The main gates, which were to be fixed in the open position to allow train to pass through, were made in the same way.






The hinges were made by attaching strips of Evergreen plastic to small pieces of plastic rod.  The ends were rounded.  All of the hinges were fixed to a piece of card with a small dab of glue to assist in the painting process.

These days I would make the hinges from card or paper.





A small gate was also made for the pedestrian entrance.


As the rather plain brick end of the mill building was expected to be facing the viewer on the proposed layout, I thought I would enhance it with one of those ghost advertisements which were often seen on old buildings.

Obtainable from Sankey Scenics.  






The chimney pots are commercial white metal items which were painted with enamels and fixed on a bed of modelling putty.  The guttering is Evergreen Strip 2mm half-round section (No.242).  The downpipes are plastic rod with the small fixing brackets being 5mm long strips of printer paper, previously blackened with a marker pen. The window frames were weathered with charcoal which was scraped off the stick with a scalpel blade and then applied with a soft brush.





The proposed layout never materialised but I might resurrect it in some form as I really like the idea of short trains disappearing through the main arch.


Thanks for looking.






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