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Traverser, Tweaks and More Tracks.

Ray Von


Discovered today that I had ordered a different track (PECO SL-300F I believe) than I usually use - SL-300.  

The result was that the track on the deck was approx 1 or 2mm lower than the track on the layout. Hmm...

If I hadn't used "set track" points at the top of the traverser I could just raise the whole thing.

However, the solution was pretty simple - a (temporary) strip of plasticard of the right depth, to lift the track very slightly.




I already have some ordered for other jobs, so a nice neat strip will soon be in place at the edge of the traverser deck.


The other jobs attended to today were the adding of a single magnetic terminal, to supply power to the front fork of the rearmost track - when it is brought to the front of the layout.








I also added the track I have left in stock to the deck, more on order(!) 



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