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A garage after John Ahern



This is not a blow by blow account of this build, just an example of how easy it is to achieve reasonable results using the techniques already shown earlier in this blog.


On page 114 of Miniature Building Construction by John H. Ahern are drawings of Bert's Garage, one of those wooden structures with a corrugated iron roof, found anywhere in the kingdom.


I built this model as an example of the craft as part of a series of 'Zoom' meetings, grandly named 'Card Buildings Masterclass', for fellow club members during one of the seemingly endless lockdowns. 


The model is built from 1.5mm mount board and is covered in Scalescenes' white clapboard paper which was painted with green watercolour paint after the walls were given a liberal coating of matt varnish, in this case Testors Dullcote, before assembly.


The roof is clad in Scalescenes' corrugated iron.  I chose one with a good amount of rust showing to give that workaday look to the structure.


The window 'glass' is salvaged clear plastic packaging and the glazing bars are thin strips of self-adhesive label.  Gutters and downpipes are from the Evergreen strip range.  The lamp is from a pack of Ratio SR lamps and a short length of brass wire.


As this was purely an example of a build and not intended to form part of a larger project, I didn't go to the trouble of detailing the interior which was simply painted black. 


The attractive signs are from the Sankey Scenics range  https://www.sankeyscenics.co.uk  and as you can see, Bert has sold up and the garage has been renamed.









Feel free to comment.


Thanks for looking.



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A nice green. And an excellent roof. But would the doors have had windows?

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The model is built as per the drawing.   If there were no windows in the doors, they would block light coming through the two windows behind when in the open position.



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Another excellent build. I am enjoying reading the book as a result of your postings. Thanks.

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