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#15 - Construction continued - The Sides and Interior




Completing the two sides required the shaping of the large saloon windows followed by the usual steps of filling and sanding back the multitude of joins. With hindsight I should have carved off the molded handrails and door handles earlier but as a first time effort I was happy with the overall outcome. Finally some 0.5mm PS strip was cut to shape and scored to make up the missing ventilators.


This shows the sides after painting and transfers.



The Second Saloon has its windows half open which appears to have been the norm during operations. Delays with progress updates have been due to waiting on supplies from the UK. Meanwhile the interiors were fitted out in the Company colours, deep Blue cloth for 1st Class and Red / Black moquette for the Saloon 2nd. The strip running along the back side was to hold the two halves of the cut chassis together. It became part of the Saloon seating but won't be seen in the guards Compartment.






Now with parts to hand the sides and ends were finished and assembled.











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