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Numbers add up to ....



Getting down to it, 2mmFS wagons take just as long to do as their bigger brethren, perhaps longer, there’s a lot of fiddling. So some vans and now a few opens are receiving their numbering and lettering. It’s all CCT Transfers applied on gloss varnish then matt  varnished over. 

I also ripped up the first 2 foot of Easitrac, it was too thick in glue and I hadn’t really thought through the wire droppers. The new length is almost ready to lay, pictures as it happens.


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I am enjoying your work here John. I am impressed at the results that can be achieved at this scale. I am very much 4mm but I am very very tempted having seen your wagons. I also bought the 2mm association starter 16t wagon before xmas  as a cheap experiment in soldered chassis building. I also picked up a bargain Bachmann graffer class 25. Not committed just yet but am very tempted. 

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Thanks! I’m trying hard to get everything up to my standard, which my not match everyone else’s, but you have to I’m somewhere, and not being afraid to try is half the battle.


The Association 16t is a fun build, I’ve a few of them on the go, and a couple of variations. They’ll be starring here soon. I can highly recommend the Association in general, and Nick Mitchell’s videos of his build: 

come over to the small side, you’ll love it!


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