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Traverser Strain and a Start on the Control Panel.

Ray Von



One of the magnetic connection terminals snapped off today, where the wire meets the magnet.  Despite reinforcement measures, I guess the strain on the thin metal shaft was too great.


So, I had a stab at making my own (hopefully sturdier) version of the connector.  I stripped the end off some .6mm electrical cable and wrapped the exposed wire around a neodymium magnet, I then took a second identical magnet and sandwiched the wire between them. 

Next, I sealed the whole terminal with a hot-glue gun - once once dry I replaced the three connectors.




After a trial run and some tweaking, they work well - I am happy with the results and I'm hopeful that they will last...


I also added a section of right angled plastic trim to the front of the layout today, and refitted the isolation switches from "randomly screwed to the underside of the shelf" to a much more pleasing arrangement:




The ends of the brass control rods (points and un-couplers) are still exposed and I'm looking for something suitable to cap them with.  The holes through which they protude are a bit rough, but will be covered anyway.


The whole layout is starting to look and feel more complete now, and most of the remaining jobs are relatively small.


Thanks for looking in as always.








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